Harness Module A+ Audio Rate

Harness Module A+ | Audio/Rate Easy to install, easy to remove, easy to repair!

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Affordable modules eliminate the need for repairs or replacement harnesses. Simply plug in a new section if needed. Use the A+ (Audio + Rate) harness in your boat with a Cox Box control unit. Add the rate sensor and 1 speaker lead for every speaker after the first one.


Wiring for an 8+ (3 Speakers)

1 x A+ Harness

2 x M Harness

1 x R Harness


Wiring for a 4+ (2 Speakers)

1 x A+ Harness

1 x M Harness

1 x R Harness


NOTE: Our Cox Box and Cox Box Mini Amplifier Systems are rated for a maximum of 3 speakers. Adding more than three speakers will overload the amplifier which will lead to some or all of the following: distorted sound, reduced volume, temporary amplifier shutdown, permanent amplifier damage.


  • Audio wire
  • 4 Cable mounts
  • 4 Cable ties
  • 4 Alcohol swabs
Unit Weight.75 lbs

CoxBox Boat Wiring

CoxBox single speaker lead Audio connection only.

CoxBox audio wire speaker lead plus rate sensor lead

CoxBox Instruction Manuals

CoxBox Speaker Wiring Diagram

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