Tips for Avoiding the Spread of Viruses & Bacteria with Shared NK Equipment

As we head into peak rowing season, many clubs and crews will be sharing common equipment. We have received several inquiries from users that ask, "What is the best way to help prevent potential cross-contamination when using NK products?"

While NK does not claim these techniques will be 100% effective against the spread of viruses, here are two ideas that may help your program:

  1. When sharing CoxBox microphones, you can purchase a set of finger cots to put on the end of the microphone. These are not too hard to find at your local drug store. The finger cot should not affect the overall sound amplification and can be removed after one-time use. The next user then applies a fresh one for their session.
  2. Use a 10% Bleach and 90% water solution to sanitize all the equipment. This solution is very effective against killing all types of viruses and should not harm the plastics or rubber used in our equipment.