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  1. For Coaches: The Perfect Pre-Race Email

    For Coaches: The Perfect Pre-Race Email

    Hello Rowers!

    The Time is here. Time to show our competitors that we are faster since [last regatta]. Focus on your boats, row together and go out there and have fun.

  2. Critical Boat Handling Skills for Rowing in Current

    Critical Boat Handling Skills for Rowing in Current

    Launching from a Dock that is Parallel to the Current

    Launch into the current (i.e. with the bow of the boat pointing upriver) if at all possible. Get bow pair's blades on the water as soon as you can, especially the one closer to the dock. This might mean having bow seat or two seat draw their oar through the oarlock and push off the dock with the tip of their blade while everyone else sets the boat. Add pairs one at a time from the bow until you have enough speed to get out into the river. Peek back at your stern to make sure it doesn't scrape against the dock as you're pulling away.

  3. Reading the River, Part 1: Avoiding Obstacles

    Reading the River, Part 1: Avoiding Obstacles A sandbar ripped this skeg box right out of the hull.

    Underwater Obstacles

    Keep an eye out for V-shaped patterns in the water. Stationary objects underneath the surface create wakes just like boats do. The V will point toward you when you’re rowing with the current and away from you when you’re rowing against the current. Underwater obstacles don’t always disturb the water above them, but if you see this pattern in the surface of the water, stay away!

  4. 7 Reasons Why Coxswains Should Learn How to Row

    7 Reasons Why Coxswains Should Learn How to Row

    1). You'll make better technical calls.

    There is no substitute for learning by doing. One of your major responsibilities as a coxswain is to reinforce your coach's idea of good technique. Instead of parroting the coach's calls, you can build on those concepts with your own vocabulary and keep your crew engaged and listening for the whole practice. It'll also be easier to diagnose issues and make suggestions when something isn't quite right.

  5. Pre-Race Checklist for Masters Coxswains

    Masters coxswains have different responsibilities than high school and collegiate coxswains. See how this system compares to your own pre-race prep.

  6. It's IN The Computer: A No-Nonsense Breakdown of Rowing Tech Jargon

    Feeling a little lost when others are slinging around rowing jargon? Here are over 40 rowing terms and their definition to help you fit in better at parties and in the boat house.

  7. How the Best Student Athletes Manage their Time

    1. They accept that some professors assign more work than their students can complete. This can be deliberate (a 'natural consequences' type of lesson in prioritization), or an oversight (they don't know how much other professors are assigning).

  8. Coaching Confident Coxswains

    Coxing is scary.

    The first time I sat in the ninth seat was one of the worst experiences of my life. The coach had a policy where every new coxswain started out in the men’s heavyweight varsity eight. The stroke seat of that eight was the rower version of Jekyll and Hyde: nice enough outside of practice but a completely different person in the boat (cut to the scene where Hyde tramples the little girl).

  9. "Working" My Core with the EmPower Oarlock

    By Alix James

    I've been working through the real-time measurements available with my EmPower Oarlock connected to my SpeedCoach GPS – exploring the relationships between my rowing stroke and what the numbers on the screen are telling me. I'm lucky enough to row with a coach on a somewhat regular basis as part of Vesper Boat Club's master's program, so I have a very good idea of the many, many ways I need to improve. It has been really interesting seeing what values give me feedback that seems to match up to good rowing.

  10. Oarlock Q&A with Michael Naughton

    Michael Naughton, the Director of Product Management here at NK, sat down to answer two frequently asked questions about the new Empower Oarlock.


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